Is Now the Right Time to Switch to an Electric Refrigerated Van?

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If you run a successful business, you may well be doing all you can to ensure that you operate in an eco-friendly manner. Being sustainable is not only good for the planet, however, but it can also make a big difference to your marketing and the customers you attract.

Many companies are seeing important measurable consequences of going green and even more important negatives if they don’t make at least implement some changes.

Green businesses tend to attract more employees who want to work with someone who shares their eco-friendly ethos. It can also make a difference to customers who more often nowadays are only looking to use sustainable enterprises.

So if you run a refrigerated van fleet, should you now be looking at switching to electric refrigerated vehicles rather than petrol or even diesel?

Of course, diesel vehicles are being phased out and petrol is likely to follow quickly. The sale of conventional vehicles is due to be banned from 2030 which means that at some point you will have no choice to adapt.

Some of the things that often put off businesses from changing to electric include:

  • The hassle of switching their existing fleet and the potential cost of upgrading to electric vehicles.
  • The notion that electric business vans are not yet up to the standard people expect – this is in fact, not true at all. Electric vehicles have come on leaps and bounds in recent years and are ultra-efficient.
  • Businesses also worry about what to do with their existing fleet and whether they will get a good resale value.
  • They also worry that the charging infrastructure is not yet in place. The good news is that there are over 40,000 charging points in the UK and the government offers financial help if you want to install them in your business.

Nearly half of companies that have switched to greener approaches have found that they’ve made new connections in the business world. Those with green initiatives in place, including switching their fleet to electric, have found that their business also grows at a much faster rate.

The other thing to take into account is the mix of people who expect the companies they deal with to be green. Millennials are taking a bigger and bigger share of the buyer’s market and more than 80% of them think that buying from a sustainable company is very important. This is only set to increase over the next few years.

The Benefits of Switching to Electric Refrigerated Vans

Besides boosting your green credentials, are there other benefits of switching to an electric fleet?
The first is probably the cost. While the initial price of buying an electric fridge van outright is higher, the cost of running it over its lifetime is considerably less than a petrol vehicle.

The second point is that EVs tend to have fewer moving parts and are easier to maintain which could save you extra costs on servicing and repairs. Electric vans are also exempt from VED, so if you buy a fully electric and zero-carbon van, you end up paying zero tax.

The final point is that electric vans fully comply with local environmental regulations. Many cities including London have introduced surcharges for petrol-guzzling vans and cars, all of which can add further to your running costs if you deliver there regularly. You should expect this kind of thing to spread across the UK over the next few years as places bring in more clean air zones, even in some small towns and villages.

How Easy is It to Switch To Electric?

The good news is that it is pretty easy to swap to an electric refrigerated van for your business, whether you have a large fleet or operate just one vehicle. As we mentioned, the quality and power of today’s electric vans have improved dramatically, with many able to travel hundreds of miles before needing a charge.

At FridgeXpress, we offer our customers a range of different options that make switching to an electric refrigerated van much easier. This includes rental services and contract hire, where you pay a monthly fee to use the vehicle (this also comes with maintenance added on so you don’t have to worry or pay extra for servicing). We also offer brand new and used electric refrigerated vans for sale if you want to own your vehicles outright.

Most business owners who try out an EV immediately see the benefits. They’re much quieter than petrol and diesel vehicles for a start. They are highly energy-efficient and you don’t have to worry about paying additional taxes when you deliver to certain areas. Not only that, you can make having an electric refrigerated van part of your marketing strategy and hopefully gain new customers who want to associate with your green businesses.

There is plenty of evidence that refrigerated vans can save you money in the long term. Research by LoCity found that a small electric van that covers 33,000 miles a year, has savings compared to a diesel van that amounts to about 50% less. The options for different size refrigerated vans have widened a lot with all major manufacturers, including Mercedes and Ford who are already producing high quality, energy-efficient models.

If you are thinking about switching to an electric refrigerated van, it’s important to work with the experts. With more than 2 decades of delivering exclusive refrigerated van services across the UK, there’s not much that our team of experts don’t know about the sector. Whatever you carry and wherever you deliver to, we can match you with the perfect electric refrigerated van.

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