4 Good Reasons to Switch to an Electric Refrigerated Van

Electric Refrigerated Vans

If you run a business where refrigerated vans are an essential part of your process, you may have been thinking about switching to electric vehicles.

Many companies are looking to lower their carbon footprint but need to do so sensibly. So, are electric refrigerated vans a good investment? Here we take a closer look.

Help Save the Planet with Electric Refrigerated Vans

If you thought that refrigerated vans were just used for transporting food and drink, you may be surprised how many different businesses use them nowadays. Temperature control is important for a lot of products from flowers and pharmaceuticals to makeup and even fine arts and antiques.

Did you know that honeybees are sometimes transported by refrigerated van? That’s because when they’re in an enclosed space they generate a large amount of heat which can be harmful. Cooling the bees down also keeps them more docile.

In some places, refrigerated trucks are used to transport Christmas trees. We’ve even heard of zoos getting penguins to a new location using specially cooled trucks.

With so many businesses using refrigerated vans, if we all switched to electric it could make a big impact on saving the planet.

4 Big Benefits of Electric Refrigerated Vans

  1. Lower running costs: If you base it on fossil fuel costs alone, electric refrigerated vans are much cheaper to run. If you have a business energy contract, you can choose to charge vehicles overnight which should give you a cheaper rate per kWh as well. Electric vehicles also have fewer moving parts, fewer fluids to change and lower maintenance costs.
  2. Quiet and smooth: Petrol or diesel vans can be pretty noisy and uncomfortable, getting more so as they age. With an electric refrigerated van, you get a smooth and very quiet ride at all times. In some models, there is also a little more space as less room is taken up by a large engine.
  3. You can now go a long way on a charge: The big worry used to be the number of miles you could travel on one charge. Older electric vehicles were less efficient and needed regular charging. There were also fewer charging points around the UK which could make things a bit of a lottery. Much of this has changed now. The Nissan e-NV2000, for example, covers between 124 and 187 miles on a full charge. The network is also taking shape and there are more charging points around the UK than ever before.
  4. Zero emissions: There are various reasons for wanting to cut down your emissions. Even if you are a small business, you could be hit by charges in some cities if you are driving a higher emission vehicle. Customers are also looking to associate themselves with brands and businesses that are doing their bit to save the planet.

Is a Refrigerated Van More Expensive to Buy?

For most businesses, the cost of buying a new van can be challenging, especially in the current economic environment. A better option is often to lease or rent a vehicle where you can upgrade at regular intervals and have less worry about maintenance costs. You also need to take into account the lower running costs with electric refrigerated vans.

How Much Choice is There?

The choice is growing and there are some amazing refrigerated vans out there at the moment. Top of the range electric models include the Renault Kango and the LDV 3900 kg panel van. Expect that choice to expand exponentially over the next few years as new models come onto the market.

What Are Clean Air Zones?

One of the big benefits of electric refrigerated vans comes from the increase in clean air zones. For example, people driving into London are not only hit by the congestion charge but a new ultra-low emission charge. If you regularly deliver goods to large cities, it can save you money in charges if you switch to electric.

Can I Hire an Electric Refrigerated Van?

You can lease or rent an electric refrigerated van. Leasing is a good idea for businesses who want flexibility with their fleet. If you are someone who only needs a refrigerated van at specific times, renting can be a much better option.

Why Choose FridgeXpress?

FridgeXpress is a UK wide refrigerated van specialist with more than 20 years’ experience. In recent years, we’ve moved to expand our fleet of lease and rental vans to include EVs. We understand that we need to commit to lowering carbon emissions and we’ve been blown away in recent times by the high-quality vehicles that have come onto the market.

If your business is looking to start using electric refrigerated vehicles, contact our expert team today to find out how we can help.

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