Spot Rental Vans

Refrigerated Van Storage

Many companies in our sector see Spot Rental as the most hard to understand part of the services offered by rental companies. All too often this can result in a lack lustre service level and a less than satisfied clientele. For the rental team at FridgeXpress, we recognise that when executed well, Spot Hire can provide the end user with the most flexible and reliable solution that is required in times of crisis.

Due to a combination of account flexibility and positive relationships with our suppliers, we react quickly to all manner of requirements. And we can get equipment out to you, our customers, in double quick time.

As we have gradually grown our fleet since 2008, we have kept our range simple, but with enough diversity to cater for the varying applications that are regularly required by our partners in the food transport industry.

After enjoying a very buoyant 2017 and 2018, we at FridgeXpress observed a growing confidence in the short term hire market and in recognition of this have made a significant investment in our spot hire van fleet. We have added to our range of Euro 6, Medium and Long wheel based Mercedes Benz Sprinter 314 Panel Vans.

See details of our range of new vehicles that arrived on fleet in April 2018 HERE.


Our chilled spec vehicles are produced to the highest quality, always with the end user in mind. A Super-reliable GAH SR351 single evaporator refrigeration unit provides the temperature draw down. Using 65mm Insulated Panel kit conversions with high impact wipe clean GRP side walls and 45 degree angled chamfered–edged smooth floor for improved hygiene, our chilled specification panel vans are among the best in the market.


In our frozen range, we ensure that the insulation properties are second to none, with 85mm Insulated panel kits and the use of a Hinged, slab side door and modular door moulds at the rear, every care is taken to maintain the optimum temperature. From 0 – 25c degrees, our Freezer vans are in high demand and perform perfectly in all weather conditions.

Dual temperature

For the more challenging of operations, we have a range of vehicles with twin evaporators and fixed solid bulkheads to give the most comprehensive performance in temperature separation.  Together with a large number of vehicles with frozen specification single evaporators and Flexi-bulkheads, you can have full confidence in our dual temperature range.

Whatever your temperature controlled vehicle requirements, FridgeXpress can provide the solution. Such is our confidence in the quality of our Spot Hire equipment, that we are offering a 20% discount off the first weeks’ hire for new enquiries.

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