Refrigerated Trailer Hire.

If you need completely mobile, flexible temperature-controlled storage – and you need it in a hurry – we are here to help.

You can locate our mobile refrigeration units anywhere with access to a standard single-phase power supply. These refrigerated trailers are perfect for catering, festivals, events and parties.

Hiring a refrigerated or frozen trailer

As experts in the refrigerated van hire space, we know what quality looks like. After reviewing the market for refrigerated trailers we knew things could be improved! We needed our fridge trailers to:

  • Cover both chilled and frozen requirements
  • Offer the highest levels of reliability
  • Provide plenty of storage space yet still be easily installed where space is at a premium
  • Match the same quality standards of our van fleet

The answer was to use a bespoke design that combines the best of German refrigeration technology with a British manufactured galvanised chassis and thermally insulated box. Their bespoke design ensures quality, reliability, usability and plenty of storage space.

Refrigerated Trailer Hire
  • Internal Length: 2820 mm (9’3’’)
  • Internal Width: 1830mm (6’0’’)
  • Internal Height: 2000mm (6’6’’)
  • Unladen Weight: 932KG
  • Fitted with a high-quality Govi Arktik unit from Germany
    -20c to +10c capable
  • Approved with EU/EC Certificate of Conformity to meet the new regulations
  • Fully galvanised chassis
  • 83mm 3 element side panels and roof
  • 50mm insulated floor
  • Heavy duty non-slip vinyl floor
  • 150mm vinyl skirting board
  • All fittings in either stainless steel or aluminium
  • Pull handles on the front and rear
  • Rear door retainer
  • Lockable rear personnel door with internal emergency release
  • Lockable control unit panel
  • Lockable coupling
  • Slide out rear step for easy access
  • Drain hole for easy cleaning
  • Internal light fitted to door with a micro switch
  • Spare wheel and bracket fitted to the drawbar
  • Heavy duty hitch lock
  • Heavy duty wheel clamp


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    What sets FridgeXpress refrigerated trailers apart?

    From ice sculptures to meal deliveries our trailers have been called in to provide cool solutions for a huge variety of businesses. With our nationwide delivery and installation service we have worked with clients from Scotland to the Isle of Wight, and all points in between! Whether it’s the wedding champagne or the curing agent for your latest production yacht that need to be kept in tip top condition, we have it covered.

    If you are looking for additional temperature-controlled storage, covering festivals or events, our trailers offer a flexible and practical solution.

    Get in touch with one of our experts today.

    Why Choose FridgeXpress for Refrigerated Trailer Rental?

    Same-day service

    We will deliver and site your trailer for you – and we will always try and offer a same-day service when we can.

    Flexible Hire Periods

    You can hire a trailer for as long as you need – anything from one day plus. For longer hire periods there are some very special deals to be had – just call to enquire.

    Trusted & Reliable

    Our expert team check every trailer before it is hired. Should the unexpected occur we offer a 24-hour emergency call line and we will get a replacement unit out to you the very same day.

    Refrigerated Trailer Hire FAQs

    A refrigerated trailer is a specialised type of trailer equipped with refrigeration capabilities to transport temperature-sensitive goods, ensuring they remain at specific temperatures throughout transit to prevent spoilage.

    Selecting the right size trailer is crucial for maximising operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness while ensuring that goods are transported safely and within regulatory compliance.

    To determine the necessary trailer size, calculate the volume of your cargo, considering its stacking potential and the need for airflow, and match this with the capacity of available trailers.

     Key factors include the volume and type of cargo, the distances the goods will be transported, logistical requirements, and regulatory compliance related to trailer dimensions and road safety.

    Yes, FridgeXpress offers a wide range of refrigerated trailers in various sizes and specifications to meet different cargo needs and transportation requirements.

    The type of cargo affects trailer size choice because different goods require different temperature settings and space configurations to prevent damage and ensure safety during transportation.

    Look for refrigerated trailers with advanced temperature control systems, real-time temperature monitoring, and GPS tracking to ensure precise management of environmental conditions throughout transit.

    Calculate the required capacity by measuring your cargo’s total volume, considering necessary spacing for airflow, and adjusting for any specific handling requirements to ensure optimal temperature control.

    Safety considerations include ensuring the trailer is not overloaded, maintaining balance and stability during transport, and adhering to legal limits for weight and size to prevent accidents and infringements.

    FridgeXpress provides expert consultation to assess your specific cargo and transport requirements, offering tailored solutions and support to ensure you select the right refrigerated trailer for your needs.

    Their vans are perfect in terms of quality and specification and their team are really responsive. Helpful, accommodating, flexible: their extra customer service is a real plus. Their electric fridge…
    David Andersen
    Debono Foods

    Tailored for you.

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