Why Mercedes Sprinter Fridge Vans are Popular

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You might not know why Mercedes sprinter fridge vans are popular in the UK. It’s not just the compact style. Van Camping Life explains, “The very popular Sprinter is loaded with safety features, has a reputation for reliability, and is manufactured by one of the most experienced and competent automotive companies on the planet.” And as a fridge van, they’re the perfect size for most loads with a sleek profile that’s more aerodynamic than most transports. We’ll share all the reasons why Mercedes sprinter fridge vans are popular in this 7-minute read.

1. What are Mercedes sprinter fridge vans?

Mercedes Sprinter fridge vans are a make and model of refrigerated transport van that’s extremely common in the UK. The latest model benefits from low emissions and great fuel economy thanks to the BlueEFFICIENCY technology. You can get it refrigerated from the official Mercedes service partner ‘Winter’ and others, convert them yourself or enlist the help of a body shop. All of the 4 body lengths and 2 heights can be converted to haul cooled or frozen loads.

2. Are Sprinter vans refrigerated?

They aren’t always refrigerated, no. According to Mercedes, “The Mercedes-Benz service partner Kiesling offers three different Sprinter variants with refrigerated bodies for cooled and fresh goods. Kiesling bodies are capable of temperatures as low as -18° C thanks to the flat evaporator with high airflow. The Thermo King refrigeration units can handle a heatwave and are space-savingly mounted in the interior on the roof.” Sprinters are also popular targets for refrigerated van conversions. You can buy kits for this purpose that make it easier to install yourself or hire someone to carry out a sprinter fridge van conversion for you. But remember there are certain food and good storage standards you need to adhere to. So, it’s a good idea to do research about the laws that apply to you.

3. How much does it cost to convert a van to refrigeration?

That’s hard to answer. It depends on a number of factors like the size, spec, usage, condition, quantity, labour and parts you use. While a modern cooling unit may cost more, you’ll save money in the long run on efficiency. Then, you need to think about what you’ll be hauling. The layout for a fish transport is widely different from that of a grocery delivery van. So, you’ll want to account for additional features and storage needs when creating your budget. As always, labour is usually 50% of your costs, so if you have automotive repair skills, doing a fridge van conversion may be more affordable as a DIY project.

4. Why Mercedes sprinter fridge vans are popular

Mercedes explains the popularity of the purpose-built model is largely due to the sleek design of the integrated cooling system that reduces drag. They state, “Sprinter bodies from the Mercedes-Benz service partner Winter are convenient and come with an integrated cooling system. This eliminates the need for additional roof mounting. This makes the Sprinter from Winter especially aerodynamic and economical. The compressor-driven cooling system can reduce the temperature to 0° C. A waterproof floor pan and large loading dimensions enable the van to transport frozen goods [in] large volumes.” And there are many other approved Mercedes service partners that create ready-made storage, body and chiller kits for this popular model. No matter what year of Sprinter you choose, you’re going to enjoy a safe, and reliable compact van with good capacity and decent handling.

5. Should you buy a Mercedes sprinter fridge van?

If you buy a Mercedes sprinter fridge van, you’ll own one of the most popular transit vans in the country. Since it will be on your books as an asset, you’ll be able to get value out of it if you want to upgrade in the future. You’ll not have monthly bills if you own the Mercedes sprinter fridge van outright and this means fewer regular outgoings. However, you will have a high up-front cost. And maintenance, insurance, breakdown cover and everything else related to the upkeep of this vehicle will be your responsibility. If you can afford it, the market retail price sits around £36,000.

6. Should you rent a Mercedes sprinter fridge van?

Renting a Mercedes sprinter fridge van is a smart option if you want to keep your initial outlay low. With regular monthly costs you can budget for, you’ll not be caught unawares by a repair bill or towing fee. For £350/week+ VAT or £950/month + VAT, you’re not taking on any additional liability. If you work seasonally, you can return the van during lulls and not pay anything when you do not need the fridge van. It’s for these reasons, renting a Mercedes sprinter fridge van poses an attractive option for many small business owners.

7. What are other popular fridge van models to consider instead?

There are other popular fridge van models commonly available in the UK to consider instead. This includes the full-size and rear-wheel-drive Nissan NV with a cargo capacity of around 4000 pounds. Or how about the RAM ProMaster? It’s huge with a standing interior height of 76 inches across 4,417 pounds of refrigerated capacity. And the 3500 model starts at £36k, just like the Sprinter. Lastly, if you need something more affordable, the Nissan NV200 starts at £22k with great fuel economy. The only downside is it’s pretty small. The cargo volume is only 122.7 cubic feet. But if you don’t have the cash and don’t want to rent, it’s a more reasonable offering.

8. Summary

Mercedes sprinter fridge vans are popular because of their huge and versatile cargo space, aerodynamics, safety features and power. Converting standard Sprinter vans to fridge vans is a popular revenue stream for many body shops and kits make it possible for you to attempt this as a DIY. While you can buy these vans, Mercedes sprinter fridge vans are not cheap. They run around £36k. But renting for £950/month +VAT may help you get on the road faster.


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