Refrigerated Vans for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical and Medical Refrigerated Transportation

Over the last year, the pharmaceutical industry has become extremely important to us all, helping to create and deliver vaccines for Covid-19 not just around the UK but across the world.

One of the big challenges with any medicine or vaccine is how to transport it safely. For vaccines, in particular, maintaining a low temperature is essential.

The pharmaceutical industry contributes more than $3.1 trillion to the world economy while also creating life-changing and life-saving drugs. The logistics of the recent pandemic and how to distribute millions of vials of vaccine to centres around the UK has been put into sharp relief in recent times.

Different vaccines have different optimal conditions in which they need to be kept while being delivered to vaccination sites. The last thing a pharmaceutical company needs is transportation that is not up to standard or breaks down on the road. It’s estimated that millions worth of vaccines were written off last year because of problems with storage and getting these vital drugs from A to B safely.

Why FridgeXpress is the Perfect Choice for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Every day millions of medicines and vaccines are transported around the UK in refrigerated vans. Making sure that the right vehicle is used for all these consignments is critical.

FridgeXpress is the perfect partner for the pharmaceutical industry because all we deal with is refrigerated and freezer vans. With more than 20 years’ experience, we’re confident that we can provide your business with the right transportation that meets your needs at any time.

We offer a range of compliant refrigerated vehicles and different options including short-term hire, long-term contract hire or leasing as well as outright purchase.

You may need a short-term hire, for example, to replace a vehicle that has broken down or take up the slack for a large consignment you need to deal with. You might need a longer lease if you want to run a fleet and not worry about regular maintenance.

When delivery is so time-critical, you ideally want a vehicle that is fit for purpose and ready for action at any time. If you are involved in transporting medicines or vaccines around the UK or to the EU, we’ll ensure that you have everything you need.

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