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Desperate for a refrigerated van hire delivered to your business today? Perhaps you want to arrange short or long term hire contracts for you company?

Looking for a refrigerated van hire specialist in the local Leicester area you can build a relationship with?

We are FridgeXpress and we have more than 20 years’ delivering quality rental solutions for businesses in the region. We have a huge advantage compared to other van hire companies in the Leicester area. Our entire focus is on refrigerated van hire and we have a huge range of vehicles available right now.

Businesses that transport perishables really do need a reliable refrigerated van. It’s integral to their operation and something they can’t do without. We know how important it can be to get a quick response and fast delivery if you’re hiring a refrigerated van too.

Maybe your existing van is off the road and you need a short-term hire. Perhaps you want to expand your fleet and need a cost-effective refrigerated van hire partner in the Leicester area. Or maybe you have a one-off delivery that needs to be made and require a suitable van.

Whatever you needs, FridgeXpress is here with the flexible solutions, high-quality vans and competitive pricing your Leicester business needs right now.

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Why Choose FridgeXpress in Leicester?

  • We’re a focused refrigerated van hire company that can meet all your needs.

  • We have a very experienced support team in place as well as a wide range of different size and makes of refrigerated vans. That means we can tailor solutions to your exact needs.

  • Our same-day delivery in Leicester also means that you aren’t left waiting around while your perishable goods are awaiting delivery locally or across the UK.

  • We can deal with both long contract hire for refrigerated van as well as shorter hires for emergencies and to fill logistics gaps.

  • We pride ourselves on the support we provide and are easy to contact 24 hours a day. That means you’re never kept waiting.

Hire a Refrigerated Van in Leicester Today

It’s important if you are transporting perishables to have a reliable, modern van. Time sensitivity is a crucial part of most operations of this kind and it’s something we understand implicitly at FridgeXpress.

If your Leicester business requires a refrigerated van urgently, you don’t want to have to wait. Not getting perishables delivered on time can cost money as well as damage your reputation.

At FridgeXpress, we pride ourselves in delivering the refrigerated van hire that your business needs and providing our same-day response. We are able to do this because of the wide range of vehicles we have available in Leicester.

Our support staff also know what they are talking about and are quickly able to assess your refrigerated van needs and get things moving.
We support lots of businesses in the Leicester area providing long and short term contracts for refrigerated van hire. Our customers include butchers and food delivery services, supermarkets and hospitality outlets as well as flower shops and grocers.

We have vans of all sizes for delivering all kinds of perishables, all at a competitive cost you can afford.

Contact FridgeXpress for Your Leicester Van Hire

We are well known in Leicester as a refrigerated van hire company that is able to deliver, whatever the circumstances. We excel with same-day urgent deliveries and can handle both long and short term hire contracts to suit your business needs.

It’s important to have the right partner if you deliver perishables for your business. Choose FridgeXpress if you want reliability, speed and a refrigerated van hire company you can trust.

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