The Soho Sandwich Co

The Soho Sandwich Co have worked with FridgeXpress since 2015

The Soho Sandwich Co have worked with FridgeXpress since 2015 and it’s brilliant to see how both companies have flourished together.

Why do we use FridgeXpress? Simply put, their personal service is second to none. It’s one thing to have a cheap contract hire vehicle, yet FridgeXpress combine a competitive package with truly outstanding service, supporting us at every step of our business journey.

Their honest, ethical, and totally reliable 24/7 support is guaranteed, no ifs, no buts.

FridgeXpress truly understand our business and nothing is too much trouble. From the initially supplied vehicle specification to any additional enhancements, their depth of knowledge and total support means our logistics fleet is something we just don’t have to worry about. We know that the FridgeXpress team will supply us with the right vehicles, the right spec, the right additional features, the right security enhancements… the list goes on; but most importantly, all of this will be right for The Soho Sandwich Co… a perfectly tailored solution that is just ‘right’!

Special mention needs to be made of just how brilliant they were to work with throughout the COVID Pandemic. The food service and hospitality sectors took an incredible hit during these unprecedented times, yet FridgeXpress was our total rock. Solid, dependable and there for us whenever we needed them. The number of vehicles we had on the road during the lockdown periods fluctuated wildly, yet FridgeXpress always made sure we had the right vehicles to get our business back up and running and deliveries being made.

What more can I say?

Are they the cheapest? No.
Are they the best? Yes.
Will you get an honest service with your company at the very heart? Yes.
Will they understand your needs whilst delivering the most economical, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions? Absolutely.