Debono & FridgeXpress

Over the years we’ve found exceptional levels of service and maintenance from FridgeXpress

At Debono we always look to work with partners that share the same values in excellence as we do. Over the years we’ve found not only do we get exceptional levels of service and maintenance from FridgeXpress, but there is much more value to the relationship with their depth of capabilities and robust, yet flexible approach.

It doesn’t matter if we’re speaking to the head office staff or a maintenance engineer is visiting our depot, we’re always guaranteed the same excellent service. A perfect example of that recently was when a planned service was due on one of our vehicles. The FridgeXpress engineer arrived with us on time, yet the vehicle he was due to be working on was running late because of traffic holdups in London. This proved no problem, the engineer waited patiently until the vehicle finally arrived back, then the service was undertaken with nothing rushed or missed. All the time the engineer was polite, knowledgeable and a pleasure to have at our premises.

FridgeXpress also provide us with a spare vehicle which lives at our depot. It isn’t part of our contract and is only there as a backup should we have a breakdown that stops one of the fleet getting out onto the road. We only pay should the spare vehicle be needed and that arrangement is based on trust between Debono and FridgeXpress, which in turn speaks volumes for the relationship between the two companies.

COVID and the subsequential lockdowns have affected every business, Debono being no different. As restaurants, hotels and hospitality all closed during those difficult times, FridgeXpress were by our side, offering timely, flexible and manageable solutions when we needed them most. They truly understood our position and that of the sectors we operate in. Not only did they offer essential support when the world stopped turning but they were there when things opened up again, their team knew what we needed from them before we even asked! Working with FridgeXpress is a pleasure and Debono looks forward to many more years of this successful relationship between the two companies.