Do Florists Need Refrigerated Vans?

Do florists need a refrigerated van?

A lot of florists rely on their van’s air conditioning to keep their local deliveries in good order. This works most of the time but does have a downside.

The air conditioning only works while the engine is running for a start and it can be difficult to maintain the right temperature, especially during hot days, no matter how hard you try.

Most florists will make multiple stops during a day when they are out delivering their flowers and this can mean that the blooms begin to wilt and look less than fantastic. Ideally, cut flowers should be kept at between 33 and 35°F and for that, you need a dedicated refrigerated system.

New businesses might be able to get away with using their air conditioning but as that all-important customer base begins to grow it becomes increasingly important to think about how a refrigerated van can be a benefit.

Different Plants Require Different Temperatures

Many florists don’t just deal with cut flowers but exotic plants which requires careful temperature control within the van, especially when there are a lot of deliveries during the day.

The benefit of a refrigerated van is that the temperature can be controlled to a very high degree and can be adjusted depending on the load. It can make the delivery driver more comfortable as well as they don’t need to have the air conditioning firing away all the time.

Why Florists Should Partner with FridgeXpress

At FridgeXpress, we’ve had many florists come to us searching for the best van for their business. Because we only deal in refrigerated vans and nothing else, we can offer sector-specific solutions that will make a real difference to your operation.

Most florists want to make sure that their arrangements are delivered to customers in excellent condition and even far exceed expectations. A dedicated chiller van that can be maintained at exactly the right temperature is ideal for this and an asset to your business.

If you are a florist searching for a new refrigerated van for your business, our team is on hand to help you make the right choice. We offer the chance to hire a van for a short period, longer-term contract hire and outright purchase with a great choice of a wide range of models of all sizes.

If you’d like to find out more about our refrigerated vans for florists, contact our expert team today.

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