A Quick Guide to Transporting Dairy Foods

Transporting Dairy Produce

One of the major sectors in the food industry in the UK today is dairy. The big challenge for dairy products, of course, is they perish much quicker and have a shorter time between production and delivery to shops.

This is particularly true of milk that, compared to meat and cheese products, has a fairly short shelf-life as well which means getting it from the dairy to the store in the quickest time is critical.

The dairy industry depends on temperature control and nowhere is this so important than in transportation. Every day, thousands of vans and trucks crisscross the UK delivering milk and you won’t be surprised to learn that we drink some 5 billion litres of it each year.

Dairy producers need to organise production and delivery so that it works like clockwork, more so than any other business. Many often work to very tight margins which means even small delays or loss of stock can impact that all-important bottom line.

The Milk Production Process

When the milk comes out of a cow it’s pretty hot – about 38°C. This is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria so it needs to be cooled quickly and transported for processing. All this needs to happen within 48 hours.

At the processing plant, milk is pasteurised and homogenised then packaged and sent out to shops almost immediately. The milk that you see in your local supermarket more than likely only left the farm just a couple of days ago.

The key for milk producers is to ensure that their products spend as little as time as possible on the road. They will normally have a fleet of refrigerated vans that need to hit the road, take the most efficient route and get your milk in store without any delay.

Refrigerated Vans Designed For Dairy Products

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Standard van hire companies may have refrigerated vehicles for hire but they don’t usually have a wide range or the full complement of other fixtures that you might need to transport goods. We offer our refrigerated van hire services to businesses both big and small, tailoring our service to each individual need.

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