A Guide to Hiring a Fridge Trailer

Refrigerated Trailer

While refrigerated vans are ideal for transporting temperature-sensitive stock, sometimes our customers simply want a unit for static storage. This could be on-site at their business to handle an excess of stock or for an outside event such as a concert or exhibition.

That’s where the versatile fridge trailer fits in. We’ve even supplied them for weddings and other celebrations.

Here we take a look at everything you need to know about these flexible trailers, why you might need one and how renting is the best solution.

What is a Refrigerated Trailer?

A refrigerated trailer is a standalone unit that can be transported easily to any location in the UK. It’s used for short as well as long-term storage solutions.

Like a small caravan, it attaches to the tow bar of a vehicle, is generally lightweight and provides a range of storage options including cooling and freezing.

The Benefits of Fridge Trailers

There several benefits for a range of businesses when it comes to fridge trailers. The first is the convenience. If, for example, your business suddenly finds that it needs more cold storage space, a trailer can be delivered quickly and set up with the minimum of fuss.

You might have an increase in stock or orders over Christmas or you may want to take refrigerated items for an event such as a festival.

Fridge trailers are also pretty easy to use. All you need is to connect them up to a generator or electrical supply and you are good to go. While some people buy their fridge trailer outright, most tend to rent them as when the need is there.

If you have an emergency, quick delivery of your trailer is also pretty important. The good news is that you can have your fridge trailer on-site and operational in just a few hours in some cases.

Who Needs a Fridge Trailer?

If you’ve ever visited an outdoor event or festival, you may well have seen a few fridge trailers parked up on the outskirts. These are often used to store food and drink. With the complete range of refrigeration options, however, they can also handle items that are frozen such as ice creams.

We’ve seen fridge trailers used at weddings in the past to store things like champagne and treats for guests when ceremonies are being held outside. If you are attending an exhibition or corporate event, hiring a fridge trailer can also be useful if you have temperature-sensitive goods.

Some businesses have onsite refrigeration capability but suddenly need extra space. It’s relatively simple to hire one or two refrigerated trailers to help with those vital busy periods. These trailers can help with everything from pharmaceutical companies that may want to store vaccines to Christmas tree suppliers who need to keep their stock fresh.

At FridgeXpress, we have customers interested in our state of the art refrigeration trailers from a wide range of sectors – caterers, restaurants and event managers, food manufacturers and retailers, facilities managers and the public sector as well as engineering and pharmaceutical customers.

Top Tips for Using a Fridge Trailer

Ideally, you want to pick the location of your fridge trailer carefully. If you’re attending an event, this may well be decided for you by the organisers. The trailer should be positioned on level ground and be near to a power source unless you are using your own generator. You should also avoid trying to move the fridge trailer yourself.

If you are connecting your trailer to a nearby power source, you need to be close to this as possible. It’s also important to keep the refrigerator door shut when not in use as this can affect the temperature.

In truth, there are few requirements when you hire a refrigerated trailer and even someone less technical will be able to operate it safely.

Why Hire Your Fridge Trailer from FridgeXpress?

We have developed our fridge trailers over the last few years to meet the demands of our customers. That includes creating more roomy storage areas combining the latest refrigeration technology as well as cutting edge design. Our refrigeration trailers are capable of both cooling and freezing, depending on your requirements.

At FridgeXpress, our expertise in refrigerated transportation has been developed over the last 20 years. It’s all we focus on compared to other hire companies who will offer a range of different vans and cars. Over the last few years, our state of the art fridge trailers have helped transport everything from food and drink to ice sculptures and lunches for prisoners.

If you are a business in need of a fridge trailer, contact our expert team today.

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