A Fridge Van Guide for Butchers

Vans for Butchers

Butchers have specific needs when it comes to refrigerated vans and picking the right model and cooling unit is essential.

The good news is there are lots to choose from nowadays and the high-tech systems available are highly efficient but cost-effective to run as well. At FridgeXpress, we’ve worked with food suppliers both big and small, including local and national butchers.

We can help you choose the perfect van for your needs, whether it’s a small, medium or large model and ensure you meet all current regulations for keeping your stock safe during transit.

Vans For High Street Butchers During Covid

Covid and the lockdown have affected almost every business, particularly butchers on the high street. Many have started to offer deliveries for their local customers to help reduce social distancing and keep everyone safe while still maintaining their business.

The challenge for butchers that have not previously delivered is where to find a suitable, refrigerated van and how much that is going to add to their operating costs. The good news is that there are plenty of options out there.

Even after Covid, when we have all hopefully gone back to normal, it’s likely that your customers may still prefer deliveries. A refrigerated van in this case can be seen as an investment for the future, adding another string to your butcher business that customers will appreciate.

The Cost of a Butcher’s Refrigerated Van

For most business, the cost is top of the list when they are investing in something new. Of course, a refrigerated van is a sizeable outlay depending on the approach you want to take.

There are several options if you require a refrigerated van and a lot will depend on your circumstances. If you are replacing an old van, you may want to hire first and try out different models. This can be the cheapest option if you are unsure and don’t want to make a commitment.

Purchasing a van may be beyond your finances so you might want to consider entering a contract hire agreement which has certain advantages.

Check out our quick guide to hiring and contract hiring here.

Another option if you have decided to buy your butcher’s van outright is to consider what financing is available, whether you want to take out a loan or fund the purchase yourself.

Controlling Temperature

This is going to a big consideration when it comes to the type of van that you choose. If you are delivering small cuts of meat to local customers or transporting large carcasses over long distances to people you supply, the temperature control is going to be essential.

Most standard freezer vans can keep the temperature at around -10°C to -15°C. If you are transporting locally, you may not need this at all and a van with a higher temperature range may suit. It’s important to work with your refrigerated van supplier to ensure they can meet your needs, whatever they are.

Size of Your Butcher’s Van

Whether you have a small refrigerated van or a large one will, of course, depend on how much and how often you transport your products. If you are transporting full carcasses, however, you will need to make room for extra fixtures such as hooks to hang the meat.

If you are transporting cuts for different customers, you may want shelving in your van to make it easier to separate deliveries.

Fuel Efficiency

You want your new refrigerated van to be economical and most of the new models come with extra fuel efficiency. If you deliver to inner cities like London, you’ll also need a van that has low emissions or it could cost you in charges. You might like to look at an electric refrigerated van which has next to no emissions and can be very cost-effective.

But what if you are buying a used van? It’s a good idea to check the history closely and also look at how the van is for emissions, especially if you deliver to a city area where there are restrictions.

Electric, Diesel or Petrol

The government are looking to ban the sale of new diesel and petrol cars and vans over the next decade. This may well influence what kind of van you decide to hire or purchase. The range of electric refrigerated vans on the market today are not only high-tech and efficient, they are also a good investment in the future.

Choosing the Right Refrigerated Van Company

There are literally hundreds of van hire and contract hire companies around the UK but very few of them specialise in refrigerated vehicles. That generally means they won’t completely understand your needs as a butcher and may not deliver the van that you require because they don’t have a large amount of stock on site.

It’s important to look for a refrigerated van company that specialises in your sector. It should ideally be a place where you can get good advice and a choice of options for your business. Butchers have a lot of regulation they need to adhere to when transporting meat and poultry, even if it’s for a short distance.

At FridgeXpress, we have a very strong relationship with refrigerated van manufacturers and pride ourselves on the specialist service that we provide across the UK. We not only help butchers and other food and drink suppliers find the right van for their needs but work across a lot of industries such as pharmaceuticals, the dairy industry and florists to name just a few. Our experience is second to none in the van hire sector.

We have a range of short-term hire, contract hire and purchasing options available and some of the top makes on the market today, both new and used. If you are searching for an ultra-efficient butcher’s refrigerated van to support your business, contact our expert team today.

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