5 Reasons to Contract Hire Your Fridge Van

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Purchasing a refrigerated van outright is a big investment. For small and medium-sized businesses it can often mean looking for the best deal locally and even buying a van second hand. If you can’t find a refrigerated van, you may need to buy a normal one and then have it converted which will incur an extra cost.

If the vehicle breaks down, you are also responsible for its repair as well as ongoing maintenance. Another option, of course, is to contract hire your fridge van rather than buy it outright.

Here we take a look at this and 5 reasons why it’s so often the best option for smaller businesses.

What is Contract Hire?

Contract hire is the same as a normal rental but you have the vehicle over a longer period. It generally comes with extra support such as breakdown cover and ongoing maintenance for your vehicle which means you don’t have the greater burdens that come with purchasing outright.

Your business enters into a contract with the supplier and pays them a deposit and a monthly amount. This not only gives you the option to get the right refrigerated van for your needs but you can do it while maintaining control of your operational budget at the same time.

Different companies will offer slightly different contract hire services and it’s worth shopping around to find one that fits your needs.

At FridgeXpress, for example, we have the added advantage that we’re completely focused on refrigerated vans and nothing else. That means we can offer tailored solutions for our customers whether that’s hiring one small van or a whole fleet. The good news is that we also operate nationwide which means you can access our services wherever you operate.

The Benefits of Contract Hiring a Fridge Van

Practically any van can be converted for freezing or refrigeration and working with an experienced supplier makes all the difference. Contract hire works on a variety of different levels and the main benefits are:

  1. More choice: Contract hire from a refrigerated van expert team means that you have a lot more choice than you would if you were purchasing outright. That includes the size and make of the van, what it’s converted for and whether it’s petrol, diesel or an EV.
  2. Lower costs: In general, contract hire allows you to access the perfect vehicle for your needs without having to find the financial outlay to purchase a van outright. This can help you keep control of your monthly costs better.
  3. Ongoing maintenance: Most contract hires come with ongoing maintenance and that gives businesses complete peace of mind. At FridgeXpress, we also operate nationwide breakdown cover and can get you a replacement vehicle to any location in next to no time.
  4. Flexibility: Contract hire gives you a lot more flexibility – you’re not simply stuck with the same vehicle and you can have its design perfectly tailored to your needs.
  5. Upgrade when needed: If your business starts to grow and you need either a bigger fridge van or more of them, it’s a lot easier to upgrade and get a good deal if you are in a contract hire relationship.

Every business that needs a refrigerated van is different, of course, and it’s sometimes difficult to find a supplier that understands what those requirements are. You may think that buying your van outright is the best solution but it’s still worth taking a deeper look at contract hire and how it may help your business.

If you’re looking to upgrade your fleet or are thinking of investing in a new refrigerated van that fits the needs of your business, contact the expert team at FridgeXpress today. Our expert team has more than 20 years in the trade and we deal exclusively with refrigerated vans, whether you want to rent, contract hire or purchase.

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