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    FridgeXpress is the leading specialist refrigerated van hire company for London, providing services to a wide range of businesses. If you’re searching for flexibility, choice and a fast, reliable rental solution that matches your needs exactly, then our team is here to help.

    Over the last 20 years, we’ve built a strong reputation for supplying state-of-the-art refrigerated vans of all sizes, forging relationships with some amazing UK businesses including The Heritage Fine Food Company and Neal’s Yard Dairy who regularly deliver in and around the London area.

    Customers looking for fridge van hire in London often encounter difficulties when trying to replace or add vehicles to their existing fleet.

    That’s why it’s critical to work with a specialist service that understands what is required. Time is of the essence when dealing with perishable goods and you certainly need a fridge van company that always gives you 100%
    At FridgeXpress, we pride ourselves not only on the high-tech modern vans that we have available in large numbers but on the personal, tailored service that we provide for our customers.

    Whether it’s a short-term refrigerated van hire in London or contract hire over a longer period, we’re here to support your business and help keep you on the road and your business moving.

    Want to find out more about our fridge van hire in London? Contact our expert team today.

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    Find out more about our fleet of zero emission electric fridge vans available for spot or contract hire.

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    Fridge Van Hire London: Why We’re the Best

    Refrigerated vans are used widely across the London area and beyond. There’s no doubt that each sector has its individual needs and requirements. These are often governed by regulations relating to perishable goods such as food and drink as well as pharmaceuticals and delicate products such as flowers which require careful temperature control.

    When hiring a fridge van, you want a good choice that allows you to maximise your business while ensuring you get value for money at the same time.

    One of the key reasons many businesses choose FridgeXpress for their fridge van hire in London is that we provide access to some of the most modern vehicles in the UK today.

    Perhaps you want to expand your fleet and are looking at a more flexible, contract hire service that meets your needs. Or you might have a vehicle that is currently off the road for one reason or another and you require a replacement for a couple of weeks or even just the day.

    What makes us the first port of call for businesses across London is that we’re entirely focused on refrigerated vans.

    It’s what we do, it’s all we do and we’re very good at it.

    With other van hire companies, you may find one or two that are refrigerated in their catalogue. With FridgeXpress you can be sure of superior choices, everything from small vans to larger LWB fridge vans.

    We can help you access the right chiller, multi-temperature and freezer vans for your company and you’ll always get accurate and impartial advice from our expert team. We’re not tied to any single manufacturer and our big focus is on providing vans that meet our customer’s needs not what suits us best.

    In short, you won’t find us trying to foist you off with a fridge van hire that doesn’t meet your requirements exactly.

    We have a large fleet of bespoke refrigerated vans from Fridgexpress and have been working in close partnership with them for well over a decade. They are superb. They always…
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    Chiller Van Hire London: Who Are FridgeXpress?

    We’re a company with offices based in Rugby that has been providing high-quality chiller van hire in London for over 20 years. Our full focus is on sourcing the right vehicles for our customers, whatever sector they operate in.

    Our ethos is pretty simple:

    • There is no one size fits all solution. We work directly with our customers to make sure that they get a chiller van hire that is fit for purpose and meets their needs exactly.
    • We believe in great customer service. When you call us, you get through to an experienced member of our team, not a call centre operative working from a crib sheet who doesn’t have all the answers.
    • We’re flexible. We know that things can change with our customers and that’s why we’re always here to redefine and renegotiate agreements to help you cope with the current operating climate.
    • For example, if your business has slowed for whatever reason, you won’t find FridgeXpress insisting that you keep to your contract – we’ll help you develop the right solution to meet your needs heading forward.
    • We like to take the pressure off our customers. That’s why we include elements such as full routine maintenance and repairs as part of your hire contract.
    • We aim to get your fridge van delivered to any London location quickly and efficiently so you’re not left waiting around. Speed is particularly important in the food supply business where even small delays can affect food safety and cost you money and reputation.

    Who we partner with

    For the last 20 years our team has worked with large enterprises requiring a large fleet and with smaller, local businesses needing just the one long-term hire that they can supplement with occasional additional hires during peak periods.

    Whoever we work with we work hard to make sure we always deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

    Freezer Van Hire London: What Businesses Do We Deal With?

    Every day there are tens of thousands of refrigerated vans operating on the road. Because we’re solely focused on chiller and freezer van hire in London, many companies contact us because they know that we can deliver.

    Over the last two decades, we’ve worked with a wide variety of businesses, from sole traders to large corporations. Our customers come from the food industry, pharmaceuticals and even the odd florist or two.

    Check out this case study from the Soho Sandwich Company who we’ve been working with since 2015.

    We provide not just short freezer van hire but longer contracts that include a whole range of added extras our customers find indispensable such as regular maintenance.

    Same-Day Hire.

    Speak to our team.

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    Where to Rent Refrigerated Van London

    What you ideally want when you build a relationship with a refrigerated van company is choice and flexibility. We know London like the back of our hand and, although we provide our services all over the UK, it’s one of our primary focuses when it comes to our business.

    From Southwark and Hackney to Kensington and Greenwich, there are probably not many places where we haven’t delivered a refrigerated van for a company over the years.

    One key thing that has changed over the last decade is the focus of many businesses on operating more sustainably. That’s why our range of state-of-the-art electric vehicles has made such a difference to businesses in the London area. It’s a solution that you generally don’t get with most other van hire companies. If you do, it’s often very limited.

    If you want to rent a refrigerated van in London, FridgeXpress offers not just value for money and quick delivery to any location in the capital but superb follow-up support as well.

    Tips for Hiring Refrigerated Van London

    There’s a lot to consider when you are hiring a refrigerated van in London. If you’ve had a breakdown or your existing van is off the road for repairs, then urgency will be top of your priorities, especially if you have perishables that need to be delivered that day.

    When hiring any van, speed of response is going to be critical. This is certainly where we have a head start over our competitors. As a specialist refrigerated van supplier for London, we make sure there is no delay and you get the vehicle that you require on time.

    Another aspect to keep in mind is the type of arrangement that you have when hiring a refrigerated van in London. At FridgeXpress, we offer short-term rentals as well as tailored hire contracts that are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers.

    As we’ve said, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution so, whatever your needs, our expert team will work with you to find the best solution.

    Most businesses want to look after their bottom line. That means finding cost savings where possible. At FridgeXpress, we aim to be always competitive on pricing. We also provide our customers with value-added extras such as maintenance and repair services if needed.

    Finally, you want to get your chiller and refrigerated vans in London from a company you can build a good relationship with. Whether you have just one van and need a short-term replacement or you operate a whole fleet and are searching for a hire contract arrangement, our job at FridgeXpress is to ensure that you get everything you need at a highly competitive price.

    Refrigerated Van Hire UK

    Same-Day Hire.

    Speak to our team.

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    Hire a Refrigerated Van in London Today

    From sandwich companies and butchers to fishmongers, pharmacists and florists, London is a thriving and exciting capital city that is home to many different businesses that need to use refrigerated vans.

    Our expert team is on hand today to provide you with a quick and efficient service if you need a chiller or freezer van.

    We have the biggest range available in the UK today, everything from small vans to LWB ones, fridge trailers and everything in between.

    With quick delivery and access to the best expertise in the business, FridgeXpress should be your first port of call when you need to rent, hire or buy your next refrigerated van in London.

    Contact our expert team to find out more.

    The Soho Sandwich Co

    The Soho Sandwich Co have worked with FridgeXpress since 2015

    The Soho Sandwich Co