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How can delivery vans save the environment?

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If you read that title and initially scoffed, you’re not alone. The idea that delivery vans can save the environment sounds far fetched. But transporters are aware of the huge impact shipping has on our environment. So, they’ve been working for decades to design more fuel-efficient routes and greener fleets.…

What is the cost to rent a refrigerated van?

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Anyone considering adding a refrigerated van to their arsenal will naturally consider the cost of purchasing versus renting this vehicle. But what is the cost to rent a refrigerated van in the UK? We’ll break it down in this ultimate guide to refrigerated van rental pricing. We’ll look at insurance,…

The Benefits of Hiring a Refrigerated Trailer

Trailers are an excellent choice if you are attending an industry event or festival or need temporary refrigeration for your business. Trailers are different from refrigerated vans because they are generally static and usually attached to a local power source rather than running off the van engine itself. (more…)

5 Reasons to Contract Hire Your Fridge Van

Purchasing a refrigerated van outright is a big investment. For small and medium-sized businesses it can often mean looking for the best deal locally and even buying a van second hand. If you can’t find a refrigerated van, you may need to buy a normal one and then have it…